Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day celebration at school often proliferates chill through our mind, which keeps on reminding us about our Indianism. The posse of Saarang Public School perpetrated our 74th Independence Day into an awe-inspiring triumph. We savoured its ambience by bedecking our campus with ribbons, balloons and the national flag. We always drink to the success of loosening India from the clutches of British. Even though we are chained up by the encroachment of COVID 19, nothing can keep us back from augmenting a good mental strength to celebrate our freedom. Ms. K. Somavali, Vellimon ward member raised our national flag which not only depicts patriotism but also expressed our psychic strength to fight the elements that are rushing towards us to grab India from us. And we concluded our celebration with the sweet distribution also by obeying the rulebook of COVID 19.