“ Success lies on 95 % perspiration and 5% inspiration”

These words come to reality through endless efforts in the institutions. Saarang Public School aims to reach the summit through our mission.
It is our mission to aspire not only in helping students to succeed in their Board
Exam but also to enrich and empower them to face the challenges in life bravely and boldly by innovative thinking.
It is our mission to make our students understand their role in the society and be able to deal with social issues and conflicts.
It is our mission to develop a student with knowledge skills in various fields, social, moral values and develop physical and psychological talents through efficient coaching and training in extra curricular activities.
It is our mission to provide a healthy, intellectually, challenging, enjoyable environment and develop high quality at student centered learning methodologies.
It is our mission to create a mind and heart to understand the meaning of brotherhood which would create in them a feeling to help the needy, helpless, downtrodden , ignored with selfless attitude.
It is our mission to impart education with love and care