Saarang Public School which believes in universe centered and competency based education goes beyond the boundaries of class rooms and text books to inculcate value education, competencies and cognitive abilities through a comprehensive academic curriculum. The management is dedicated to the cause of making the institution a quality learning center where relationship building with and among the stake holders will be our highest priority.


The Saarang Public School strives for academic excellence and national prosperity by providing intellectually competent, physically capable, emotionally well balanced, socially accountable and morally upright students to act as role models and committed members of the emerging global society.


  • To produce committed, resourceful and responsible citizens to strive for excellence in all walks of life.
  • To create intelligent leaders, useful to the society by developing the multi- dimensional phases of their personality.
  • To develop universal love and the concept of internal and external peace-- 'Santhi' in the younger minds which can transform them and this universe.